Thursday, 27 June 2013

Two Excellent Electronic Mixclouds for you from Essex and Kent!

HT: Despite being based up north we've been spending a lot of time listening to some great local radio stations from dahn sarf. Thanks to the wonder of the web, every local radio show on the planet is available in the global village and so we've been tuning in when'er we've been aired. This is all part of our slow but sure strategy towards world domination. Village by village, community by community, we will use our synthtastic stealth to worm our way into your ears and ultimately your hearts. Have you seen the time? I get more verbose when I'm tired...

So, first up we have Rob Harvey's Saturday Breakfast show from 22nd June 2013 which includes the likes of us along with Ultravox, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode and ZZ Top. ZZ Top? Well anyway, it's a very good music show from Essex radio station Phoenix FM. We sent our CD to Rob last week and he has already reported that he can't stop singing 'Prostitute's Handbag'. Obviously resistance is futile.

Once you've listened to Rob's show, you can scroll further south and you will find a mixcloud widget from Sheppey FM's excellent Bluetown Electronica. This show is sheer bliss if you love electronic music in all its forms. Our tracks don't appear on the listings on the mixcloud, but we're there, hiding in clear sight...