Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Owen's a poet and he didn't...oh nevermind...

Helên : Of the two of us, I’m the  one tagged as the poet, so it’s made a nice change to see the track ‘Mammals’,  which is 100 % Owen’s work, included in a podcast that specialises in poetry and spoken word as well as music. We’re obviously rubbing off on one another so it will only be a matter of time before I start recording myself dropping spoons down a well whilst ravelling on about waveforms.  Poetry / music  - it’s all about the sounds and the rhythm baby, which brings us nicely round to the latest edition of Echolalia Radio:  

A Heady mix of of spoken word and rare music. 
Poets, Troubadours and Word-smiths.”

There’s some interesting music on this one: ‘I’m on the Left’ by ‘Tweakage’ is rather good and a little reminiscent of ‘Public Service Broadcasting’ with some nicely squelchy music accompanying RP spoken word. 

For proper poetry types there’s some Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson and Robert S. Frost with a Smiths track thrown in for any angst ridden Mancunian fops who fancy a listen. All in all, this is quite an enjoyable mix. We also liked the fact that the mixcloud's cover picture for this edition of Echolalia featured one of Owen's favourite mammals, a cheeky little dog. So, check it out hep cats! 

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