Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bluetown Electronica: Friends of Bluetown 2

We have also joined the new  Bluetown Electronica Group on facebook which is where you can chat with other listeners and artists who have appeared on the show and find updates from the show's hosts.

We're especially fond of this mixcloud as not only does it include a track from us, but there is also a track on there from Air Fracture aka Owen doing his dark ambient music. The track of ours that is on the mix is also a free download. You can grab it from our Bandcamp Page as part of the 'Prostitute's Handbag' 3 track 'single' which is free or you can pay for it if you wish. And of course, you can buy all tracks from us and Air Fracture from our label: Nerve Echo. Here's the mixcloud.

Tingle In The Netherlands on the web:

Friday, 26 July 2013

GIRL POWER! The Notorious New Wave Show - Host Gina Achord - July 26, 2013

HT: Thanks to Gina for including us in Part 2 of her 'Girl Power' selection featuring tracks from female fronted bands. A few of our favourites can be heard here from Ladytron; Propaganda; Lene Lovich and Grace Jones to name a few. That old Taylor Dayne track is a bit of a guilty pleasure / blast from the past as well. Anyway, it's a top mix; we're on our second listen. We'll let you decide whether Gina has left the best 'til last...

 [Visual metaphor for women doing technie stuff]

It's also really pleasing to us that our music has been played by so many female indie DJs and podcasters beginning with the lovely Fiona Ledgard who indulged us on her 'Anything Goes Breakfast Show' on the day that we released our album.

It's common knowledge that the music industry is, and always has been, very sexist and it's not that long ago that Annie Nightingale was the only DJ on BBC Radio 1, and as such was seen as bit of an oddity by some, because girls can't do techie stuff can they? So, here's a big shout out to all those clever girlies who've found the 'on' switch and managed to DJ our tunes - click on their names for even more podcasts: Peff Soulsby; Lee Adcock; Barbara Laurson; Fallen Rock Zone aka Sherry and Barb; Factory Acts; Miss Kitty; Sheila Chipperfield and Kayla at Radio Alchemy

Thank you laydees! But back to the task in hand: Here's the latest edition of The Notorious New Wave Show.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fallen Rock Zone-Alternative Show 18th July 2013

While we were away at our lovely holiday castle in Wales (see pictures of Owen below) we missed one of our favourite online radio shows, Fallen Rock Zone.


Not only that, the lovely ladies at FRZ played one of our jingles that we made for them a while back, and we missed hearing that too! Never fear: if like us you have been gadding about in the sunshine and have missed the show, you can listen again. Just click here and you will be transported into an alternative musical world which is much cooler in every sense than the train we got back from our holiday...but that's another story which involves lots of grouching, so we'll leave you to the music. You can also download it and keep it forever. Thanks as always to Sherry and Barb for playing our music. xx

Monday, 22 July 2013

T!TN on Radio Alchemy - hot stuff!

HT: On Friday we returned sunkissed and mellow from a brief holiday jaunt to Welsh Wales, land of song, to find ourselves on a lovely languid slightly shoegazey indie track list from Radio Alchemy.

Owen on holiday. 

This is our first appearance on a Radio Alchemy show, but we have listened to previous editions - they're usually right up my street being a fan of classic indie / alternative music. This latest one gets off to a great start with Joy Division, The Smiths then Tingle In The Netherlands. I still get a bit of a buzz when DJs play our music alongside some of my favourites. You'll also find some classic Buzzcocks in this mix but for the most part I'd say it's quite a sultry shoegazey selection, perfect for the hot weather we're having in the UK. That said, there's a bit of Salt-N-Pepa in there too; I'll fess up to owning their album on a cassette from way back when... Listen out too for a new track from Mazzy Star. Apparently this is the first new recording from Mazzy Star in 17 years. I've also got an album of theirs on cassette that was the soundtrack to a summer trip to Ireland in a combi van many years ago....but that's another story. Like I said - this is a great collection of summery sounds to enjoy in the heat. We'd like to say a big thanks to Kayla for playing our song and also for mentioning our website, Bandcamp and facebook pages. Thanks Kayla!

The mixcloud is at the bottom of the page, but before you click 'play' here's a request from the Kayla, the show's host :

 Alchemists! Please help Radio Alchemy out! I entered the show in a contest where I could win the chance to go to Zurich, Switzerland and talk to radio folks. How can you help? Please go to my Mixcloud profile and listen to, favorite, and comment on my shows. To listen you don't need a profile though you may need one to favorite & comment but it won't take long. This is a big opportunity. I would be forever grateful if you can help. This MUST be done BEFORE tomorrow, Tuesday, July 23rd. So please do it now if you can! And thank you, so so much ♥. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Engineerium (25) SUNSPOTS By Peff Soulsby ~ DJ PK

Today's burst of blog gratitude goes to  to Peff Soulsby for bringing our songs to a new audience via her show on a station that we have already had some airplay on via the Synthopia show hosted by Skerat.

Peff's show, The Engineerium, takes you to the dark side of electronic music, regularly playing synthpop, futurepop, EBM and industrial as well as including interviews with featured artists. This edition included one of our ditties, as remixed by Atomizer (still available as a free download from our Bandcamp page!)

You can listen in full via the mixcloud widget. We'll leave you with Peff's words re. the remainder of the show - Thanks Peff!

"The Engineerium opens its doors once more for DJ PK's synthetic discotheque! 2 hours of alternative electronic music, these SUNSPOTS will brighten your day!

Starting off with some light electronica from Curxes, Mr. Kitty and Firefox AK, building up the tempo with Eurasianeyes, Heliophile and Mental Discipline, and finishing with the harsh stomps of Aesthetic Perfection, Ctrl Alt Del, and X-Rx. This edition of The Engineerium features an interview with Simon Owen of Future Perfect.

Originally broadcast 11th July 2013

Experience the darker side of electronic music with DJ PK ~ Synthpop, Futurepop, EBM & Industrial.
Listen to the show LIVE on and every Thursday, 8-10pm UK Time
Leave requests for future shows on the FB page: Tweet @Copperguts #TheEngineerium
Better yet, keep up with all the latest news by joining the FB group: "

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Soundscape Broadcast #3: Daddy Tank Dippin' + New Horizons

Another thank you to Lee Adcock  for including us on this latest mixcloud. Thanks also for reminding us of the band Dissolved - a band that we keep hearing about, and first heard on Mark Whitby's Dandelion Radio show  one afternoon when we were listening out for one of our tracks. We're no fans of the 'radio edit' and commented at the time on how refreshing it was to hear a track of over 9 minutes duration being played on Mark's March show, which is still available on mixcloud.  The track in question was this one:

Another friend of ours on facebook, musician Pinklogik, was also singing the praises of Dissolved recently and shared a link to this album Telemetry Embers which is free to download. So, lots of dots joining up there, but anyway, back to the mixcloud podcast which includes one of our tracks but is also, in part, a celebration of the Daddy Tank record label  which released the 'Surge of Lucid' album pictured above - we'll leave it to Lee to give you the full details of what's to come.

"Hello! After a brief hiatus, the Soundscape Memoirs Broadcast is back. 

In today's installment, we're shining a spotlight on the enigmatic Daddy Tank label, with six cuts from their catalogue. And, as usual, I'm showcasing new releases and relatively new releases that have tickled my fancy in the past month or so. Brace yourself, however, for a brand new feature, in which I ask YOU to help me review a brand new single of dubious quality from My Personal Murderer. Lend your voice in the comments box below - bonus points to you if you can relate the tune to their previous EP! 

To follow up on any tune that piques your interest, click on the URL below for the full setlist and links to each release/track. I've also thrown in a few bonus videos to make up for my prolonged absence.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Another Q & A with T!TN

As regular readers of this blog will know, we are very interesting people. We say stuff and we think stuff too. So, it's probably not surprising that we've been asked to do another Q & A session on a music blog. You can read our latest interrogation on the 'House in the Sand' music blog 

This comes hot on the heels of the Q & A that appeared on the excellent Revival Synth Website. 

If this isn't enough to sate your curiosity about Tingle In The Netherlands  there's another recent Q & A on the RealSoundsOK blog.

 We've said it before and will do so again: it's the DJs, bloggers and podcasters, who promote independent musicians such as ourselves, who make all the difference; we don't have a budget or team of staff promoting our music - we do it all ourselves, so the work (which is usually unpaid) that these guys do really does help to get our music out there. Thanks everyone!

 If any readers still have unanswered questions re. T!TN and our artistic venture, do please enquire in the comments or say hello via any of the following sites:


Friday, 5 July 2013

Jingles In The Netherlands: Latest Podcasts.

There’s been a bit of a craze of late for DJs and podcasters to include station idents and jingles created by some of the artists that they play on their shows. We have been happy to join in with this jolly jape and even went so far as to put a call out via our facebook page for anyone who wants a jingle to speak up. And they did. 

A few people missed the point a bit and asked for jingles even though they’re not DJs and don’t create podcasts; others have missed the point that we’re a band and seem to think that we’re some sort of PR company that promotes online radio. Must remedy that misconception...

However, we fully understand how easy it is to get confused and / or side tracked by the sheer volume of information that the internet bombards us all with. That’s possibly why we ended up spending a whole evening creating a random homage to the wonderful Norris Nuvo when we were supposed to be doing station idents. We’re still laughing at the bombastic kazoo climax on this one.

More recently we have produced a couple of idents that have appeared on the latest edition of Bob Osborne’s Aural Delights and Skerat’s Synthopia show, both of which you can catch up with further down the page. Owen decided to create some new musical riffs to accompany the voice over instead of using a current track. He ended up getting so far into the zone that he created two new riffs that we think we might expand on for future Tingle In The Netherlands tracks. Or maybe we won’t...You’ll have to listen to the podcasts below if you want to hear them. 

First up is this week’s Synthopia. Playlist and description courtesy of Skerat, followed by Bob Osborne’s Aural Delights 35.

Click the title link to go to the podomatic website as blogger has taken exception to the widget.
'Synthopia 38 - Boy was that shoutbox fun 5th July' Playlist:
Marco Marra – Fantasia Si Gotika
Alien Skin – 19th Century Girl
Alien Skin – The Secret Garden
Alpha Point – Alive (Purple Explosion Mix by Purple Fog Side)
Daybehavior – It’s A game (Marsheaux Remix)
Asian Envy – The Wolf
Asian Envy – The Beautiful Girls & Boys (feat. Kendrew)
Silver Factory Superstars – Need to Love (Feat EJ Norman)
Platform One – Control (Clockwork Mix by Vashta Nerada)
Tingle in the Netherlands – Mammals
Cinemascape – Modern Death
Cinemascape – Name of Things

Bob Osborne's Aural Delights Podcast 35
Featured brand new albums from Exchange and Disappears - a pick of the best new and unsigned music and a selection of classic's eclectic and rather groovy - more info at

How do we like our radio? 50 shades of dark, but we’ll start with these two...

 Being creatures of night (HT) and attired exclusively in black (Owen – he’s very stylish) we have been whiling away the wee small hours delighting in the shadowy worlds of two online radio shows that have shared our oeuvre. 

The first is the ever eclectic ‘When Big Joan Sets Up’ which this week was as dark and startling as a Barbie doll’s mutilated eye sockets, so of course we fitted right in having penned a tune about a metaphorically dead prostitute. 

The featured artist on this week’s show was a band called ‘Autopsy’ who whilst being a little out of our comfort zone, now hold a special place in our stone cold hearts as this was the first time one of our tracks has been played alongside anything with the title of ‘Slaughter At The Beast House’. Being veggie / vegan types, we probably shouldn’t like that sort of thing, but you can’t fault the exuberance of the track.  You can listen to the show via bcb’s Listen Again page.
Apparently the link that we posted to last week’s show broke under the weight of our millions of fans trying to access it, so one at a time please this week...
Listen out too for a proper mentally mashed up version of an old Del Shannon tune that you will recognise in the first instance, after which...things get a tad weird. ‘When Big Joan Sets Up’ is a breath of fresh air especially after some of the turgid mainstream swill that was on offer at Worthy Farm last week. You can also get the full playlist via host Phil’s blog.

A slightly less raucous shade of black can be found on the new Enter The Shadows Radio site which streams music from artists that have been played on previous shows. 

We’re on there along with our friends Factory Acts. There’s a great long lists of artists, in fact, including The Cure; Chris and Cosey; Pierre Normal (a current favourite of Owen’s); Kas Product; New Order; Portishead; The Smiths; Ultravox; Sisters of Mercy; Cocteau Twins; Bowie and many more as they say on the K-tel adverts.

We’d suggest you visit the site and stream some music. 


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Owen as 'Air Fracture' featured on The Synth Caresses Blog.

Before Tingle In The Netherlands, there was Air Fracture, Owen’s ambient music project. Owen has produced three albums and two EPs under the Air Fracture banner, the earliest of which was recently showcased on the Synth Caresses blog.

The Synth Caresses blog comes highly recommended, especially for fans of ambient music, but you will find a variety of posts and reviews on there including a review of OMD’s recent release, ‘English Electric’


The blog is very easy to navigate if you’re searching for different genres and artists, and is very professionally put together. Don’t take our word for it though – go and visit the blog for yourself. You can start by reading the post re. Owen’s work here. 

For more on Air Fracture:

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rob Harvey's Saturday Breakfast Show and Revival Synth's Q & A: 29th June 2013

Thanks to Rob Harvey for playing another one of our tracks on his consistently good Saturday Breakfast Show and also for giving us a name check on his blog. 

It’s also thanks to Rob that our music found its way into the ears of Andy Jordan, the curator of the Revival Synth website, which is an unrivalled treasure trove of information on the currently very vibrant synth music scene. 

The Revival Synth site is regularly updated with news, gigs details, interviews and links to LOADS of synth bands like ourselves, which leads us to Saturday’s Q & A feature which saw Tingle In The Netherlands being quizzed re. the origin of our name; the inspiration for our songs and why we don’t consider ourselves to be a live band, plus much more. You can read the interview in full if you click here

So, thank you to Andy and Rob. You can listen to Rob’s show via the mixcloud widget below. Here’s the show description from Rob himself: 

The edited down version of my 3 hour breakfast show - first Broadcast on June 29th 2013.

Along with great tracks that we love, we had a few new beauties- Martyn Bailey for example and we hear about a Muscular elder statesman's movie return...... Plus we get to hear 3 more tracks from our April Creative Sessions, that were recorded live over 24 hours at the Brentwood Centre, and in this show we enjoyed 3 from all girl Duran Duran Tribute band: Joanne Joanne.

Join me every Saturday from 7 till 10am LIVE - - feel free to follow and Tweet me via @ROBRV