Monday, 16 December 2013

That's All Folks!

We have decided to put any plans for future T!TN releases on ice indefinitely.

Our music will still be available to  buy from Bandcamp, i-Tunes and Nerve Echo. We will be donating all proceeds from sales from now up until 25th December 2013 to Ralph's Crowdfunder Appeal.

We would like to thank everyone who has bought our music and / or supported us via their blogs, podcasts and music shows in the past. Your help and encouragement has been greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes,

Owen and  Helên

Saturday, 30 November 2013

THE MONTY SHOW - 173 - JUNTA-Mix II - 26th Nov 2013 UNCUT

Monty has been very good to us in recent weeks, so we're dead chuffed to be included in the second Junta mix, which is absolutely top. You may recall the first Junta mix , which included our track 'She's No Lady' and was proper toe tapping, and very much enjoyed by us here at Tingle Towers. This second mix doesn't disappoint either. Just check out the playlist and if you're a fan of electronica, you'll see that you're in for a real treat. We'd recommend you check out the archives on Monty's mix cloud too as previous shows are well worth a listen, meanwhile here's the blurge re. this show from Monty himself.

 In case you missed it on 94.4FM Salford City Radio, here's TUES 26th Nov edition of THE MONTY SHOW, this week,my alter-ego THE JUNTA spins some old and new electronica dance, featuring THE JUNTA (!), FAITHLESS, PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, FOXES, DISCLOSURE and many many more!!!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ralph's Life Charity Music CD

Regular readers (hiya Jon!) may recall previous mentions of a naughty little scamp called Ralph, the Jack Russell terrier who writes a regular music blog featuring indie and unsigned bands such as us.

Well, despite being small, Ralph's ambitions are big, and just recently he decided that he wanted to do something to help The Fineline Project a creative arts initiative that supports fundraising and awareness for mental health charities, with a particular focus on utilising the talents of artists, musicians and creative folk. Read more here.

So, given that Ralph is a music blogger who curates a weekly show for RadioKC (Sundays from 5pm GMT) he decided that he wanted to produce a double CD featuring 40 tracks donated by some of the bands featured on his blog, and guess what? We're one of them!


The plan now is to raise funds to produce and distribute the CD. You can pledge as little as £1, but if you visit the crowdfunder page, you will see that £12 bags you a CD, a pin badge AND a digital photo of cutie Ralph. Pledge £50 or £70 and Ralph will lavish you with even more goodies including a meal for two at The Dogs Restaurant in Edinburgh or the Jonny Marsh Restaurant in Manchester respectively. But be quick as it's first come first served on these one pledge only offers. Visit the crowdfunder page for full details.

We're also offering downloads of our album at a 25% discount using the discount code 'ralph' when you buy from our Bandcamp Page. That means that you can get all ten tracks for £3 and we'll donate the profit (£2.40) to Ralph's fund. OR if you already have our album, why not donate direct?
The discount code is valid until Christmas Day 2013 so tell yer friends!

For details of the artists involved in this project, see Ralph's blog for the full tracklist which includes a track donated by none other than Tom Robinson.

You can also hear the tracks featured via the Fineline Project's soundcloud page.

The proceeds from the project will ultimately be donated to Rethink Mental Illness a charity that raises awareness and supports people with mental health issues as well as campaigning on their behalf. Find out more here. Given the trying times that we live in and the erosion of support from government agencies, we think that the work Rethink does to help people is well worthy of our support.

Monday, 11 November 2013

"..something that can only be described as the sound of Crystal Castles caressing Boards of Canada while– obviously– trapped inside an old Atari console"

A review of our EP 'Mirror Writing' can be found on the Dukla Prague Away Kit blog. We think they liked it...we can be a bit Marmitey though... either way, 'flick trippiness' sits well with us. Go and read the full review yourselves, and let us know what you think.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

We're on Dandelion Radio throughout November.

We'll be getting some airplay on the excellent show from Mark Whitby, broadcast throughout November (see schedule at Also you can vote for your three favourite artists who have been played this year on Dandelion Radio in the Festive 50.

Here's Mark's blurge on this month's show which you will see also features our new favourite band CRAWANDER : 

"A fantastic mix from Indidginus is the centrepiece for a November show that's also crammed to the brim with great Autumn releases from the likes of L.B. Dub Corp, Buzzard Lope, Moin and Melt Banana, plus a small taste of winter with the forthcoming December single from the Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band.
For those who are wondering where my forays into the Hungarian punk scene have gone to in recent months, I return with tracks from Genetika and Garga Pitic, stay in Eastern Europe for another masterpiece from Croatia's CRAWANDER, venture north to Denmark for something from Agnes Obel and on to Sweden with The Movements. From further east, we have more from Anata Wa Sukari Tsukarete Shimai and a little something from the extraordinary Nnevteiga.
And there's plenty more besides, including new releases from show favourites like Origami Horses, Tingle In The Netherlands and Lee Negin. And, in the month in which voting for this year's Festive Fifty takes place here at Dandelion, we Peel Back thirty years for three highlights from the excellent festive fifty of 1983."

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Synthopia 57 - Halloween Dancehall, Tell Me Now and Red Moon 2\3 November 2013

Click 'play' on the above widget and read on. Yet another much appreciated outing for us on this week's Synthopia with host Skerat aka Andrew Kennedy on Mixlr.  

As usual, the show is available to download. These podcasts are only up for a limited time so if you want to download them, have a delve around the archive and get clicking. We've been played on a number of these shows (all documented in our blog if you want to scroll backwards here too). There's some fine synth music around at the moment, and Synthopia is a great place to discover new, up and coming artists. The show goes live on Saturday at 10pm GMT via Andrew's Mixlr where you can also join the chat, as we have been known to do from time to time, so if you're at a loose end on a Saturday night, pop along and say 'hello'. As always, we'd like to say a big thank you to Andrew. xx

You can also join the Synthopia group on facebook to keep up to speed with updates and new music.

Here's the playlist and links for all artists.
Weird Gear – Halloween Dancehall
Tingle In The Netherlands – I Lost My Heart To A Starship Cleaner
Jan Doyle Band – Ron Synthopia Version
Izzie Voodoo and the People - Void
John Costello – Tell Me Now
Tenek – Another Day (Airwolf One Remix)
Shiny Darkness – Highs and Lows
Basically Vicious – As You Were Sun
Diamond Bones – Home Is Where
Martin Krog – One Man Army
All Things Lost – Hold You Down
Those Wicked Hours – Red Moon
Silver Factory Superstars – Johnny Remember Me
HiFi Brown – My Own Nothing

Friday, 1 November 2013

Soundscape Broadcast #6b: Delayed Reaction

Click 'play', watch us dance, and read on....

More thanks to Lee Adcock who you may remember wrote a very kind review of our album on her Soundscape Memoirs blog.

This week she included a track from our 'Mirror Writing' EP on her latest podcast. Not only that, but thanks to this podcast, we discovered the band Crawander, a new one to us which is hard to describe but if you like noisy, oddball, musical riotousness, it's worth a punt.

If you're saving your Halloween shenanigans for the weekend try this one for size. Thanks again to Lee, not  only for sharing our music, but for introducing us to some new stuff that we really like.                    

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bob Osborne's Aural Delights Podcast 50

 Are you sitting comfortably? Click play and read on. Feel free to get back up and dance around once you've finished reading...
To celebrate a grand total of 50 podcasts, Bob Osborne produced a beast of a playlist, with the assistance of various DJs and musicians, including us.

We've been dipping in and out of this mega playlist for the past couple of days which comes in at approximately four hours of tunage. A short while back, Bob put out a call to a LOAD of musos to select a track to be played on this show. Each track chosen is played alongside a track by each artist; so you'll hear our choice followed by one of our tunes. It's that simple. You can get the full story and complete playlist from Bob himself.  Thanks for including us Bob! xx 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rusty Egan playing our tunes.

Click 'play' on the excellent playlist above by DJ Rusty Egan.

Computer Love - Glass Candy
Trust (Extended Dance Mix) - Sin Cos Tan
Love Is A Bourgeois Construct [ Claptone Club Mix] - Pet Shop Boys
She's No Lady  - Tingle In The Netherlands
We, Computers (Kolombo Remix)  - Etienne De Crecy
You need the drug Hell Mix Westbam Feat. Richard Butler
Let’s Go Dancing Tiga v Audion
Sonnentanz (Phonique Remix) Klangkarussell
Glory box (Dim Chord 2013 Bootleg) Portishead -Dim Chord
Faithless - Feel Me (ATFC'spit out your sedative
Dreams Northern Kind

Obviously, we're quite excited to have one of our tracks included in one of Rusty's mixes given his credentials as a musician and DJ. Also, we're always somewhat gleeful when our tracks are included along with bands that we enjoy. Particular favourites on this mix are Glass Candy, Portishead and Pet Shop Boys plus there are a few new ones to us that we really like. We both said that we'd like to time travel back to the 80s and give our teenage selves a nudge and a 'eh, have you seen this?'

Not only this, but news reached us via the twittersphere that we'll be getting played on Rusty's Friday night show on Mi-Soul Radio which airs at midnight Friday until 2am Saturday (UK).

As you can see from the tweet, it looks like a few more of our musical heroes will also be played on Friday's show. How exciting! Joining us in the 'up and coming' camp of musicians on the show will be facebook friends EmT The Band who we first heard on Skerat's Synthopia show. We always like it too when the dots start joining up...

SO, if you're out disco dancing at midnight Friday and can't listen live, the show will probably be uploaded to mixcloud next week; if so, we'll blog it here as is tradition. That is all, suffice to say a massive thanks to Rusty, and also to Elaine and Eoin, two facebook friends who have been badgering Rusty to play our tunes, and badgering us (Elaine that's you) to send Rusty our tracks. Thanks folks! xx                                 

Blog updated 29th October 2013. Here is the mixcloud widget for last Friday's show 26th October. We're there along with loads of great mixes of some favourites from the 80s. Excellent stuff.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Be Reet Show 21/10/13 featuring our new jingle! WOO! Get in!

Click play on the widget above and DANCE!

Along with the usual audio mayhem from the duo referred to by a friend of ours as being 'like Mark and Lard on acid' this edition brings you Bez and his bees allegedly; songs about Blackpool; competitions that you probably can't enter now; horoscopes; jokes; poetry and much much more. Listen out too for a track from us, plus a great track by our friend Fiona Ledgard's band ILL. AND there's a new jingle by us which is obviously not to be missed. Many thanks to Tony and Steve. xx