Wednesday, 16 January 2013

EP Review, Unscene Magazine Issue 10.

We got a cracking review of our 'Prostitute's Handbag' EP in the latest edition of Unscene Magazine

Many thanks to Patrick, whom we also learned had been spinning our tunes at last year's Whitby Goth Weekend. We were really chuffed to have been played at such an iconic and stylish event. Here's the review in full - reproduced here with permission of editor Mark Smith.

The editorial and content of 'Unscene' suggests that the magazine is a labour of love, and it's very well put together: 48 glossy pages jam packed with reviews of albums, EPs, festivals and clubs; photography; band interviews; fashion and all things deliciously dark. It's good to see an independent magazine so beautifully executed. So, if you have a few pennies to spare, you could do worse than supporting an indie music magazine such as this. You can also buy some of the back dated issues via the website. The magazine is also available from

Monday, 14 January 2013

Fallen Rock Zone Alternative Show, January 10, 2013

Here's Sherry and Barb with last Thursday's Fallen Rock Zone Alternative Show. If you missed it, as we did, you can listen again and again via the widget below. Listen out for our pals Farmacia who open the show. You might also hear a ditty from us and one of our super catchy jingles that we now offer to any radio hosts bonkers enough to champion our tunes! Thanks again ladies! xx

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Peachy and Zesty...

Fallen Rock Zone hosts Sherry and Barb blasted back onto the wonder-web of sound with their first FRZ Alternative Show of 2013. You can listen to the show via the widget below. If you've got the new year blues the show is well worth a listen for those who like discovering new music, and the hosts' enthusiasm and humour is infectious; we're not sure what the FRZ ladies had for Christmas but we think it's still in their system and they should probably drink some more water... ; ) 

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Listen out for lots of euphemistic mentions of Tingle In The Netherlands (thanks ladies - we'll take whatever we can get) plus you will also hear the Owen J. re-mix of a track 'Todo Está Bien' by our friends, Argentinian synth band Farmacia.

We've been fans of Farmacia since we first got chatting to them on myspace way back when and were flattered to be included in their online photo album which depicts them with some of their favourite CDs. 

Of course, we HAD to return the compliment by posing with our copies of their album 'Nada De Nada'.
Isn't the internet GREAT?! We think so.  


We are now also on tumblr...

You lucky people! We have set up a tumblr account which we have been using to share pictures, music etc. and have also had some fun re-blogging some quirky stuff that has taken our fancy. We'll still be using blogger for longer, wordy blogs, such as this one. Jon, are you on tumblr? I think you'd like it; there's lots of sharing of beautiful pictures and, like the myspace days of old, ANIMATED GIFS! Not recommended to those of a nervous disposition or anyone who has fits. Here's the link. (HT)