Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Salford, so much to answer for...

If you haven't checked out our pals Factory Acts that we mentioned in the previous blog, please do. Not only are they Salford's finest alt-dance synth duo but they're lovely people as well. (We only associate with gems). It's thanks to their recommendation that we've been getting a fair bit of airplay on Salford City Radio on The Monty Show, last week and this, and also on Tony Thornborough's show this week.

Also, it is a little known fact that in the 1960's Helên's Dad (RIP) ventured out of the valleys of South Wales and headed north to the bright lights of Salford to study at Salford Tech. Had he not done so, he would not have met Helên's Mum and there would be no Helên, and so no Tingle In The Netherlands! It's beyond imagining isn't it?

Anyway, let's not ponder the horrors of what could have or not have been. You can listen to both shows via the widgets below. The Monty Show is a great one for synth fans and indie kids as you will find tracks from Inspiral Carpets; Tingle In The Netherlands; Factory Acts; The Junta and three tracks from Depeche Mode as well as many others. Tony's show has much more of classic swaggering Manc indie sound with plenty of loud guitars and some shouty vocals all of which are right up my street (HT). A new band on me is The Stalagmites whose track 'Be An A Animal' was played on both shows. I've heard some really dirgy indie bands of late and this was a refreshing change; it IS possible to do indie that harks back to some classic bands whilst bringing something new to the table. The lyrics sound interesting too - not sure what they're about but they don't seem to resemble the angst addled 'I'll catch you when you fall' Coldplay-lite narratives that are common place in so many emotionally constipated singer songwriter / indie bands of late. These Salford lads have been likened to Echo And The Bunnymen so check em aht kids!

But I digress.  You can listen to both the aforementioned radio shows via the widgets below. 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Check out Factory Acts on Mixcloud.

Our friends from Salford's alt-dance synth duo Factory Acts have just started uploading mixes to Mixcloud and thus far they've been absolutely top notch. Aside from being great musicians themselves Matt and Susan have excellent taste in music. You can scroll down to the widget to listen to their second playlist 'Dirty'  which is a tribute to Regine Fetet (RIP), singer with Brixton's 80's synth band hard Corps

The mix also includes many of our favourites such as Tricky, New Order, Lene Lovich, Ladytron and The Human League as well as one of our tracks as remixed by Atomizer  which is still available to buy as a 'name your price' download single from

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

We've had a super Tuesday!

Lots of lovely things to report starting with another very flattering appearance in the blogosphere on the 'Life's A Beech' music blog: #64: Top 5 Unsigned - 19/03/13

Thanks to Dave Beech for making our day by describing our music as 'game-changing' - we like that, and as regular readers will confirm, he's probably right to suggest that we need to be kept an eye on... Go and read the full post for yourselves here

Tuesday evening delivered some local radio airplay on  The Monty Show on  Salford City Radio where one of our tracks was played alongside the likes of Depeche Mode, David Bowie, The Junta, Kill Pretty and Suede to name just a few. It's a great show which you can listen to again via the magic of widgets (bottom of the page). But before you do that, here's a word from our sponsor.

  Saatchi and Saatchi eat your hearts out. Here's The Monty Show...


Monday, 18 March 2013

The Saturday Breakfast Show on Phoenix 98 FM (Edited)

On Saturday we got our first bit of airplay on local radio in Essex, which was very exciting for me (HT) because my sister lives in that neck of the woods, so she was able to tune in on the old fashioned wireless as her computer is broken.

Our friend Diego from Farmacia suggested we contact Rob Harvey, Phoenix FM's Saturday Breakfast Show host, to ask if he'd like to play some of our tunes, and he said "YES!"

Rob clearly has excellent taste in music and is involved with Bas Productions a Basildon based organization that produces and promotes electronic synth pop and indie music events and pushes to introduce new exciting bands and talent on the scene. If you're a Depeche Mode / synth fan, the Bas Productions site is well worth a visit. In particular, check out the mixtapes on the site - there's some brilliant stuff on there.

So, given Rob's CV it's no surprise that we were in excellent musical company on his show, being playing alongside such greats as Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys, Tears For Fears, Ultravox, Heaven 17 and our friends Farmacia plus many more. You can listen to an edited version of the show via the mixcloud widget below. We're not famous enough to automatically appear on a mixcloud playlist yet, but you'll hear Farmacia about an hour in and we're on immediately after them. Rob very kindly likened our sound to Ladytron and mentioned that the song played reminded him of one by Lou Reed. You'll have to guess which song he's referring to, or do the sensible thing and listen to the show.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

365 on Fallen Rock Zone

Our track 365 has had an interesting week. On Thursday it received some airplay on The Fallen Rock Zone Alternative show with hosts Sherry and Barb - thanks ladies! You can listen to the show via the widget below.

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Barb very kindly mentioned that there is a video available for the track and urged listeners to check it out. The video in question was an impromptu creation inspired by Seedhill Bruiser's earlier work, 'quiet disco at Seedhill's'


The video was clearly crying out to be looped and accompanied by music. When this was mentioned, Seedhill immediately requested his favourite TITN track, 365. And so a masterpiece was born.

We feel that this piece of cinema verité is a metaphor for the eternal, onward relentlessness of life and time passing as echoed in the song, along with the human capacity to find joy in simple things whilst being painfully aware of our insignificance and mortality. Actually, that last sentence was a load of pretentious bobbins; we just think that the video is a brilliant laugh. Hope you do too. Seedhill has the power of veto to take it down at any time, so enjoy it while you can - again, a metaphor for life.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Tingle in the Netherlands have certainly struck gold here with an album that is a real electro-pop sensation(!)"

Given that we have at least three songs that feature astronauts and / or space travellers of some sort, we were thrilled to receive some stars last week. A recent review of our album awarded us four stars and we've been twinkling with glee ever since! The review in question came from Rik Wolters, founder of The Sound Project, a website full of reviews and information about the alternative music scene. Check it out kids!

Like all of the fabulous bloggers who've featured us thus far, Rik gives good quote. Here are a couple of our favourites.

" of the album's real highlights 'The Housewife's Lament' - a song about a housewife becoming fed up with her lousy abusive husband and instead taking to "shagging the milkman".  It's another demonstration of how good Helên really is with words."  (I'm blushing. HT)

And there's praise for Owen too!

" 'Mammals' is a hilarious track penned by Owen.  The mammals in question are in fact humans, astronauts, police officers, lawyers et al.   Owen reels off witty a list, filled with dry humour, for example: "The pontiff has 300 teeth and can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour".

Thanks to Rik for taking the time to write this, and of course to all the bloggers, old and new...without whom...
You can read Rik's album review in full yourself if you click here.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Widgets for Women's Day!

HT: I'm writing this on International Women's Day which is slightly apt because it's basically a thank you to some great women who work hard to bring new, interesting radio broadcasts to the world, and who are also regular supporters of Tingle In The Netherlands.

So first up, it's those ladies from across the pond, Sherry and Barb, who are continuing to share our album tracks with their listeners on  The Fallen Rock Zone Alternative Show.  You can catch up with yesterday's show via the widget below.

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As well as playing our tunes, this week the ladies interviewed special guest, J. Rumney who fessed up, live on air, to enjoying our music! As we always like to return a compliment, we'd recommend that you check out J. Rumney's soundcloud page where you will find LOADS of music, much of it free to download. Here's a taster which is nicely wonky, which is always a good thing:

Earlier that very same day, and much closer to home in marvellous Manchester, ALL FM's Fiona Ledgard kicked off her weekly broadcast with one of our tracks. Listen via the widget below to find out which one, and stay tuned for an interview and music from Welsh noise pop duo Otalgia. If, like me, you're an ageing indie-kid who enjoys a stompy romp of  feisty guitar with the occasional bit of anti-corporate spoken word thrown in then Otalgia should be right up your street.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A muddle in The Netherlands, but it's all good!

On Tuesday night we were due to get some radio play on the Ongehoord radio show on 

The show is hosted by Leen Steen and airs at 8pm GMT, every Tuesday, so we settled down to listen. A few minutes into proceedings, Leen posted on facebook to say that the show we were listening to was the wrong one; we were in fact listening to a show featuring unusual covers of well known songs, which had been broadcast in the slot by mistake. By this time we'd already heard a rather fabulous death metal cover of Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn' and were already hooked. There were too many obscure covers to mention, but a favourite was this cover of Thin Lizzy's 'The Boys Are Back In Town' by Pastel Vespa which we're sure you will agree is absolutely joyous. 

All was not lost re. our own appearance on the Ongehoord show as the following day Leen published a link to the show via his blog. 

Again, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole show and were especially pleased to appear on a playlist immediately after Kraftwerk, as well as being included in a show with another artist we admire, Harry Merry.

We experienced the genius of Harry Merry when we went to one of his gigs in Manchester last year. In common with most people that we like, we think it's fair to say that he's proper bonkers, in the best way possible. Here's a taster. 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Album Review on Unwashed Territories Blog

Our album received another great review courtesy of Dandelion Radio DJ Mark Whitby writing in his.  Unwashed Territories music blog.

Here's a quote:

"The album's a joy from start to finish, all delivered via Owen's brilliantly understated and yet somehow subversive synthesiser parts and overlaid with Helen's enticing enunciation of subject matter that moves from the provocative to the beautifully disgusting with appealing ease....It's an early contender for one of the releases of the year - don't miss it."

We're SO proud! Mark will also be playing the track 'Mammals' throughout March on his Dandelion Radio Show. Times vary so check the schedule.

As Mark says:

"I'm playing 'Mammals' in my March show on Dandelion Radio, a brilliantly irreverent trawl through facts and non-facts that includes such assertions as 'The prime minister produces one pint of saliva a day', 'the aristocrat will frequently eat its own young' and my personal favourite 'The pilot produces the largest volume of ejaculate among primates'."

To read the album review in full visit Unwashed Territories.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Blogger is shit.

HT: I just spent ages writing a reasonably well put together blog called, 'Thursdays are Great' which was a bit of a thank you to the DJs who played us yesterday as well as providing you with the opportunity to listen to their shows at your leisure via the widgets provided.
Then 'POOF!' away into the ether it went while blogger whined in the background about wanting to have an abortion of some script. So I won't go on.
Here are the widgets to some fine radio shows that have been kind enough to play Tingle In the Netherlands. Thank you all - the previous blog was beyond your wildest imaginings, but you'll just have to take my word for it. (HT)

Fallen Rock Zone
with hosts Sherry and Barb, Thursday 28th February.

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