Thursday, 27 June 2013

Darklands Radio Show: 26th June 2013

Two T!TN tracks can be found on this deliciously dark playlist from Darklands Radio an alternative music program focusing on current EBM, New Wave, Post Punk, Gothic, Metal, Electro, etc.

You can hear the show every Wednesday at 107.8 FM or via the internet at or visit the facebook page for show archives that can also be download.

The latest show can be heard and / or downloaded via the widget at the bottom of the page. The two T!TN tracks from the playlist can also be grabbed for free, along with the Atomizer remix of 'Prostitute's Handbag'  from our Bandcamp Page.

01 Exponentia - Traurigkeit 4:53
02 Jonteknik - Robot music 3:30
03 Shiv-r - Hollow mask (unmasked) 4:26
04 Tingle in the Netherlands - Prostitute's Handbag 3:24
05 Tingle in the Netherlands - A Forest Of Cocks 6:46
06 Ex Machina - No One 4:46
07 The Department - Take my hand 4:13
08 Covenant - Last Dance 6:14
09 NIN - Came back haunted 5:17
10 Calling All Astronauts – I wanna be your dog

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