Friday, 28 June 2013

T!TN on a joyously weird and ecelectic show from Bradford Community Radio.

If you missed our outing on Bradford Community Radio's 'When Big Joan Sets Up' never fear! We loved the description of the show as penned by its host Phil Cope pictured above:

Midnight tonight on Bradford Community Radio: 'When Big Joan Sets Up' - BCB’s dirty little secret tucked away on Wednesday nights at midnight, like a mad relative trapped in the attic in a 1970s horror film.

If you, humble reader, decide to join the happy band of insomniacs, skiving security guards and burglars that comprise our listenership, you can sample delightful new music in a bewildering variety of genres and one or two old songs as well.

Obviously, that description would suggest that this show would be right up our street - and it was. Host Phil brings you a riot of musical weirdness and noise in a John Peel stylie. We thoroughly enjoyed this one. Click here to listen again. 

We've pasted the track list below as taken from Phil's blog. Listen out for the song that follows 'A Forest of Cocks' - that should give you a feel for how eclectic this show is. Thanks Phil! 


When Big Joan Sets Up – 27th June 2013 – A Tingle in Yer Netherlands

Mira Jean Clarke – “Swing Low” (V/A LP – “Time Will Make A Change”) (Mississippi)
Winter Bear – “Jump In The Fire” (7″) (Hozac)
Clipping – “Story” (LP – “midcity”) (
Tingle In The Netherlands – “Forest of Cocks” (LP – “Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change”) (bandcamp)
Amon Amarth – “We Shall Destroy” (LP – “Deceiver of the Gods”) (Metal Blade)
Pangea – “Viaduct” (12″) (Chestplate)
Hamadth Kah – “Ce Weeti” (V/A LP – “Laila Je T’Aime”) (Mississippi/Sahel Sounds)
Body/Head – “Unreleased 1″ (Soundcloud)
DNA – “Not Moving” (V/A LP “No New York”) (Antilles)
QQ and Venomous – “One Drop” (download single) (Stashment Productions)
Tingle In The Netherlands – “The Housewife’s Lament” (LP – “Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change”) (bandcamp)
Klute – “Best Bit’s Not Over” (12″) (Commercial Suicide)
Jimmy Lee Williams – “Hoot Your Belly Give Your Backbone Ease” (V/A LP – “Sticks Over Your Shoulder”) (Mississippi)
Tingle In The Netherlands – “I Lost My Heart To A Starship Cleaner” (LP – “Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change”) (bandcamp)

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