Monday, 17 June 2013

Synthopia - 14 June 2013 - Very shiny and new

Here's a chance to catch up with, and download, last Friday's Synthopia show. Synthopia is broadcast on Fridays at 11 am (UK time) on  You can also listen to previous podcasts of the show, all of which can be downloaded, via:

This week's show included one of our tracks, and gave us our first chance to hear a track from Synthie dB Shock who has just released her EP: Factory Reset and who also very kindly gave us a name check in her blog. Thanks Synthie! 

We'll leave the full description of the latest show to Synthopia's host Skerat whom we would also like to say a big thank you to for playing our tunes. Thanks Skerat!

Hi I'm Skerat and welcome to Synthopia. Todays show features brilliant synthpop\electro tunes from, Toffetronic, Tingle in the Netherlands, Ghost Capsules, Bomb the Bass, Spacebuoy, Synthie dB Shock and many more great groups, as played on Synthopia is a weekly Friday show that celebrates all new synth music since the millennium. The show generally has a huge slant toward Synthpop, Synthwave, Nu-Disco, Electronic, EDM. If you want to catch Synthopia, tune into live every Friday at 11:00 am UK time. Better still join us in the shoutbox during the show and say hi 

If you love the music then make sure you join the Synthopia facebook group here:-

Here's the full playlist, with links to all the musicians featured:
Toffetronic – Machines And White Powder
Toffetronic – Thirteen III
Lord Numb – Architect
Tingle in The Netherlands – She’s No Lady
Ghost Capsules – My Red Shoes
Bomb the Bass – Wandering Star
Spacebuoy – Desire and Vision (Skinjob Remix)
Analogue Wave – Mezkal
Unity One – Join the Light
Night Club – Strobe Light
Vision Talk – Nova
Synthie Decible Shock – Factory Reset
Analog – Learn To Live 
Analog – It’s Too Bad Disco’s Dead


  1. Synthopia sounds like it should be a shopping centre in a William Burroughs novel.

    I'd shop there.


  2. Ha ha! I will pass your comment on to Skerat. I'd shop there too - if nothing else, the piped music would be of a better standard than the muzak in most malls.

  3. Wow Jon, that is an incredibly generous compliment and I'm certain that because of all the excellent bands and artists in the show. Thank you very much Jon