Saturday, 29 June 2013

Enjoy our tunage - BUT DO BE CAREFUL! Feeling the love in the blogosphere.

First of all let’s start with a disclaimer:

Word reached us via the twittersphere this week that a recent customer of ours had danced so much to 'Prostitute's Handbag' she did herself an injury. Do be careful with your expressions of joy and delight whilst you listen to our tunes won't you? Tingle In The Netherlands cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur as a result of listeners’ dancing antics. We don't want some no-win-no-fee lawyer after us for not providing the proper ladders. 

Fortunately for us, Lee Adcock didn’t let a sprained ankle deter her from writing a wonderful review of our album and also included the injurious track in a rather fabulous, dancetastic mixcloud that you can listen to via the widget below. But DO BE CAREFUL!

Lee very kindly gave us an absolutely stella write up in her Soundscape Memoirs blog.  'a blog devoted to introducing and discussing new releases from obscure, alternative, and otherwise unknown artists.'

 You can read the review in full here.
We’ll just post couple of appetite whetting quotes here for reasons of personal vanity:

“Helen penned most of the outrageous lyrics on the LP, but “Mammals”, a disturbing catalogue of facts on various occupations (“the prime minister produces one pint of saliva a day…fashion designers will risk their lives to protect their young…monarchs frequently change sex during adolescence”), was actually Owen’s brainchild. And it’s just as engrossing – if not more so – than some of Helen’s wilder narratives.” 

(Owen especially liked that one)

And of course we love this bit:

"Man, I love TITN. Perhaps that’s because I admire the old electronic masters – “Organisation”-era OMD, Human League without the chicks, John Foxx, and so forth – but also because these two harness all that dark 80s flair and then proceed to skew it even further into their own distinctive project. Go stream this sucker on their Bandcamp page and drop ‘em a few quid for the download (or a few more for the CD) – you won’t regret it, I swear." 

But those quotes are a fraction of the full write up, so do go and check it out and read it in full! 

There’s LOADS  more music recommendations on the site so well worth having a delve around. You can also get a feel for the author’s musical tastes by listening to the mixcloud below. We’d like to say a massive thank you for all the support and lovely feedback we’ve had this week. Thanks Lee!


  1. Never realised you needed a "proper ladder" to dance to "Prostitute's Handbag". Jx

  2. It's just another one of our filthy metaphors Jon. xx