Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Squarepig Playlists - there's even one chosen by us!

The wonderful, indie music discovery website that is Square Pig recently invited us to select a handful of our current favourite electronic music tracks to be posted on the website as a playlist. Obviously, we jumped at the chance. Here's the description of our choices to whet your appetites and get your little music lovers' snouts all a twitchin'.

A selection of electronica as curated by wonky synthpop duo ‘Tingle In The Netherlands’ aka Owen and Helen. This playlist includes a variety of styles, ranging from the misanthropic, comedic tracks of ‘Ming The Mong’ and ‘Tingle In The Netherlands’ to the darker, atmospheric music of our friends: Argentinian synthpoppers Farmacia, and Salford alt-dance duo Factory Acts. Also in the mix you’ll find some classic toe tapping 80s style synth from Geneva Jacuzzi; eccentric quirkiness from Cloudwaste and the Calf plus the mesmerizing music and vocals of Holly Herndon. Hopefully listeners will discover some new and interesting musicians here that they will check out further.

You can listen to our choices if you go here.

We also discovered that one of our tracks had found its way on to another playlist by patron of the arts, Lee Fereday so big thanks to Square Pig and Lee. Your support is always very much appreciated. xx

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