Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ralph's Indie Show on Radio KC Vol 38

Start listening, then skip to the blurge beneath the widget. Thank you!

It took us ages to get the hang of twitter, but since we've got into the swing of it we've 'met' some lovely people, one of whom is a Jack Russell terrier called Ralph.  Regular readers of this blog (that'll be you Jon) may recall that Ralph wrote a blog about us shortly after we released our album in February. Since then Ralph has regularly played our tunes on his indie music show on RadioKC Sundays from 5pm.

Last Sunday he played a track from our 'Mirror Writing' EP . If you missed the show, you can listen again via the soundcloud widget, although we've already told you to do that at the top of this blog. So, yet again, it's a big thank you to Ralph, who like other twitter folk (see previous blog post) really are champions of indie bands and musicians like ourselves. Many thanks as usual Ralph. xx

Ahh, look at him - what a cutie. Follow him on facebook too!

btw If you're not following us on twitter we're @TingleIn - come and say 'hello'.


  1. sniff...I'm overcome with emulsion...muchos grassy arse ;o)

  2. Most welcome. Now go and wipe your bum. xx