Monday, 21 October 2013

'Somewhere, Under The Radar' reviews our album...and gives excellent quote!

Rattlebag Radio's Ian Thistlethwaite gives excellent quote, both in quality and quantity, in his review of our album. 

A particular favourite is this one:

"Owen Tingle (nee J) evidently shares Helen’s love of carefully chosen, barbed words, as is gleefully displayed in “Forest Of Cocks”, a spoken word  delivery over a sparse electronic soundscape which sounds simultaneously retro and futuristic, and his delivery is reminiscent of a sordid Vivian Stanshall."

[though Owen would like to clarify that Helên wrote most of the words to the track, except the unforgettable line, 'when they opened up his heart, they found it was full of urine'.]

But back to the review. Ian compares our music quite favourably with that of a number of Owen's music heroes: 

"..there is evidently deliberate reference and respect for people such as Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Vince Clarke, Soft Cell, etc."

Ian then goes on to consider how humour and music fits together, with particular reference to our music. It's quite an interesting write, but we won't spoil it by cutting and pasting the whole lot here. Go and read it yourself. 

Not only has Mr Thistlethwaite been good enough to listen to, then review our album, he's also given us some more airplay via his show on Mixlr. Ian has kindly posted the show on mixcloud too, so you can listen via the widget below. This edition includes our track '365'  as well as one by our friend and label mate Seedhill Bruiser.  This is a VERY eclectic mix, so expect some shouty punk, slinky synth and every musical genre in between. Many, many thanks to Ian for all your support. xx


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