Sunday, 6 October 2013

HELLO WORLD! Synthopia 53 - Revolution, The Great Ascent and Breaking Free 5\6 October 2013

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  This week's Synthopia was another super selection from Skerat which included Gabdnah S'etutitsôrp from our recent 'Mirror Writing' EP  

  Not surprisingly, we're in good musical company again as this show includes tracks from Jonteknik; Vile Electrodes; Naked Lunch and a new band to us, Uncles of Wise to name but four. It's all good though, of course! Please also listen out for Under My Skin (a Tenek cover version) by The Last Cry which is on the Tenek Vs The Last Cry EP in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. 
You can read more about the EP here. 

  Synthopia's new time and online home (Mixlr) is working out really well for the show. We've joined in with the chat during live broadcasts. This is a great way to connect with other music fans and many of the musicians that are featured in the show, which currently airs at 11pm (BST UK) but will be 10pm when the clocks go back to GMT. Because this is the worldwide web, and we all seem to be at the mercy of various daylight savings schemes, we recommend joining the Synthopia Facebook Group if you want to keep up to speed with the details of upcoming broadcasts. 

 Here's the intro. to the show from host Andrew Skerat Kennedy, plus the playlist and links to the bands, as compiled by Andrew, so that you can support the artists.

Hi I'm Skerat and welcome to Synthopia. Todays show features brilliant synthpop\electro tunes from, Jonteknik, Tingle In The Netherlands, Naked Lunch, Heliophile, The Last Cry, and many more, as played on Synthopia is a weekly show that celebrates all new synth music since the millennium. The show generally has a huge slant toward Synthpop, Synthwave, Indietronica, Electronic, EDM. If you want to catch Synthopia, tune into 10:00 pm GMT time and put skerat in the search and start following. Better still join us in the chatbox during the show and say hi. If you love the music then make sure you join the Synthopia facebook group here:-

The Nathan Carlson Project – Solar Winds
Tingle In the Netherlands – Gabdnah Setutitsrp
In this Mode – Revolution
Heliophile – Econcide
Jonteknik – People At An Exhibition
The Last Cry – Under My Skin
Naked Lunch – Slipping Again, Again
Supercraft – Bizarre Love Triangle
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Burn Down (Electricity Mix)
Divine Knights - The Great Ascent
Nerd Revolt - Breaking Free
Vile Electrodes – Damaged Software
Uncles Of Wise – Pappa Zappa (Moombah-Matic Mix)
Silver Factory Superstars - Memory & Kiss (Full Length Mix)


  1. Oh, goodie - the ultimate electro-geek website now has a radio station! (Or are the two unrelated?) Jx

  2. Unrelated I think. In fact, I'm fairly sure that the two do have different sets of parents. That's the quickest comment post yet though Jon. I expect to see you winning stuff at the blogger Olympics. xx

    1. I hear the sound of a Moog cranking up, and I jump to attention! Jx

  3. In other news - Helene Smithee has got herself a microphone....don't say you weren't warned.