Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bob Osborne's Aural Delights Podcast 50

 Are you sitting comfortably? Click play and read on. Feel free to get back up and dance around once you've finished reading...
To celebrate a grand total of 50 podcasts, Bob Osborne produced a beast of a playlist, with the assistance of various DJs and musicians, including us.

We've been dipping in and out of this mega playlist for the past couple of days which comes in at approximately four hours of tunage. A short while back, Bob put out a call to a LOAD of musos to select a track to be played on this show. Each track chosen is played alongside a track by each artist; so you'll hear our choice followed by one of our tunes. It's that simple. You can get the full story and complete playlist from Bob himself.  Thanks for including us Bob! xx 

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