Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Soundscape Broadcast #3: Daddy Tank Dippin' + New Horizons

Another thank you to Lee Adcock  for including us on this latest mixcloud. Thanks also for reminding us of the band Dissolved - a band that we keep hearing about, and first heard on Mark Whitby's Dandelion Radio show  one afternoon when we were listening out for one of our tracks. We're no fans of the 'radio edit' and commented at the time on how refreshing it was to hear a track of over 9 minutes duration being played on Mark's March show, which is still available on mixcloud.  The track in question was this one:

Another friend of ours on facebook, musician Pinklogik, was also singing the praises of Dissolved recently and shared a link to this album Telemetry Embers which is free to download. So, lots of dots joining up there, but anyway, back to the mixcloud podcast which includes one of our tracks but is also, in part, a celebration of the Daddy Tank record label  which released the 'Surge of Lucid' album pictured above - we'll leave it to Lee to give you the full details of what's to come.

"Hello! After a brief hiatus, the Soundscape Memoirs Broadcast is back. 

In today's installment, we're shining a spotlight on the enigmatic Daddy Tank label, with six cuts from their catalogue. And, as usual, I'm showcasing new releases and relatively new releases that have tickled my fancy in the past month or so. Brace yourself, however, for a brand new feature, in which I ask YOU to help me review a brand new single of dubious quality from My Personal Murderer. Lend your voice in the comments box below - bonus points to you if you can relate the tune to their previous EP! 

To follow up on any tune that piques your interest, click on the URL below for the full setlist and links to each release/track. I've also thrown in a few bonus videos to make up for my prolonged absence.

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