Friday, 26 July 2013

GIRL POWER! The Notorious New Wave Show - Host Gina Achord - July 26, 2013

HT: Thanks to Gina for including us in Part 2 of her 'Girl Power' selection featuring tracks from female fronted bands. A few of our favourites can be heard here from Ladytron; Propaganda; Lene Lovich and Grace Jones to name a few. That old Taylor Dayne track is a bit of a guilty pleasure / blast from the past as well. Anyway, it's a top mix; we're on our second listen. We'll let you decide whether Gina has left the best 'til last...

 [Visual metaphor for women doing technie stuff]

It's also really pleasing to us that our music has been played by so many female indie DJs and podcasters beginning with the lovely Fiona Ledgard who indulged us on her 'Anything Goes Breakfast Show' on the day that we released our album.

It's common knowledge that the music industry is, and always has been, very sexist and it's not that long ago that Annie Nightingale was the only DJ on BBC Radio 1, and as such was seen as bit of an oddity by some, because girls can't do techie stuff can they? So, here's a big shout out to all those clever girlies who've found the 'on' switch and managed to DJ our tunes - click on their names for even more podcasts: Peff Soulsby; Lee Adcock; Barbara Laurson; Fallen Rock Zone aka Sherry and Barb; Factory Acts; Miss Kitty; Sheila Chipperfield and Kayla at Radio Alchemy

Thank you laydees! But back to the task in hand: Here's the latest edition of The Notorious New Wave Show.


  1. I feel the night explode when we're together.
    Emotion overload in the heat of pleasure.
    Take me I'm yours into your arms.
    Never let me go.
    Tonight I really need to know.

    Tell it to my heart.
    Tell me I'm the only one.
    Is this really love or just a game?
    Tell it to my heart.
    I can feel my body rock every time you call my name.


  2. Jon! I had no idea!!! Must be the hot weather we're having. xxx

    1. Or the constant Hi-NRG soundtrack that runs through my head. Jx

  3. That explains why you get so much blogging done. I can't keep up.