Friday, 5 July 2013

How do we like our radio? 50 shades of dark, but we’ll start with these two...

 Being creatures of night (HT) and attired exclusively in black (Owen – he’s very stylish) we have been whiling away the wee small hours delighting in the shadowy worlds of two online radio shows that have shared our oeuvre. 

The first is the ever eclectic ‘When Big Joan Sets Up’ which this week was as dark and startling as a Barbie doll’s mutilated eye sockets, so of course we fitted right in having penned a tune about a metaphorically dead prostitute. 

The featured artist on this week’s show was a band called ‘Autopsy’ who whilst being a little out of our comfort zone, now hold a special place in our stone cold hearts as this was the first time one of our tracks has been played alongside anything with the title of ‘Slaughter At The Beast House’. Being veggie / vegan types, we probably shouldn’t like that sort of thing, but you can’t fault the exuberance of the track.  You can listen to the show via bcb’s Listen Again page.
Apparently the link that we posted to last week’s show broke under the weight of our millions of fans trying to access it, so one at a time please this week...
Listen out too for a proper mentally mashed up version of an old Del Shannon tune that you will recognise in the first instance, after which...things get a tad weird. ‘When Big Joan Sets Up’ is a breath of fresh air especially after some of the turgid mainstream swill that was on offer at Worthy Farm last week. You can also get the full playlist via host Phil’s blog.

A slightly less raucous shade of black can be found on the new Enter The Shadows Radio site which streams music from artists that have been played on previous shows. 

We’re on there along with our friends Factory Acts. There’s a great long lists of artists, in fact, including The Cure; Chris and Cosey; Pierre Normal (a current favourite of Owen’s); Kas Product; New Order; Portishead; The Smiths; Ultravox; Sisters of Mercy; Cocteau Twins; Bowie and many more as they say on the K-tel adverts.

We’d suggest you visit the site and stream some music. 


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