Friday, 5 July 2013

Jingles In The Netherlands: Latest Podcasts.

There’s been a bit of a craze of late for DJs and podcasters to include station idents and jingles created by some of the artists that they play on their shows. We have been happy to join in with this jolly jape and even went so far as to put a call out via our facebook page for anyone who wants a jingle to speak up. And they did. 

A few people missed the point a bit and asked for jingles even though they’re not DJs and don’t create podcasts; others have missed the point that we’re a band and seem to think that we’re some sort of PR company that promotes online radio. Must remedy that misconception...

However, we fully understand how easy it is to get confused and / or side tracked by the sheer volume of information that the internet bombards us all with. That’s possibly why we ended up spending a whole evening creating a random homage to the wonderful Norris Nuvo when we were supposed to be doing station idents. We’re still laughing at the bombastic kazoo climax on this one.

More recently we have produced a couple of idents that have appeared on the latest edition of Bob Osborne’s Aural Delights and Skerat’s Synthopia show, both of which you can catch up with further down the page. Owen decided to create some new musical riffs to accompany the voice over instead of using a current track. He ended up getting so far into the zone that he created two new riffs that we think we might expand on for future Tingle In The Netherlands tracks. Or maybe we won’t...You’ll have to listen to the podcasts below if you want to hear them. 

First up is this week’s Synthopia. Playlist and description courtesy of Skerat, followed by Bob Osborne’s Aural Delights 35.

Click the title link to go to the podomatic website as blogger has taken exception to the widget.
'Synthopia 38 - Boy was that shoutbox fun 5th July' Playlist:
Marco Marra – Fantasia Si Gotika
Alien Skin – 19th Century Girl
Alien Skin – The Secret Garden
Alpha Point – Alive (Purple Explosion Mix by Purple Fog Side)
Daybehavior – It’s A game (Marsheaux Remix)
Asian Envy – The Wolf
Asian Envy – The Beautiful Girls & Boys (feat. Kendrew)
Silver Factory Superstars – Need to Love (Feat EJ Norman)
Platform One – Control (Clockwork Mix by Vashta Nerada)
Tingle in the Netherlands – Mammals
Cinemascape – Modern Death
Cinemascape – Name of Things

Bob Osborne's Aural Delights Podcast 35
Featured brand new albums from Exchange and Disappears - a pick of the best new and unsigned music and a selection of classic's eclectic and rather groovy - more info at

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