Thursday, 4 July 2013

Owen as 'Air Fracture' featured on The Synth Caresses Blog.

Before Tingle In The Netherlands, there was Air Fracture, Owen’s ambient music project. Owen has produced three albums and two EPs under the Air Fracture banner, the earliest of which was recently showcased on the Synth Caresses blog.

The Synth Caresses blog comes highly recommended, especially for fans of ambient music, but you will find a variety of posts and reviews on there including a review of OMD’s recent release, ‘English Electric’


The blog is very easy to navigate if you’re searching for different genres and artists, and is very professionally put together. Don’t take our word for it though – go and visit the blog for yourself. You can start by reading the post re. Owen’s work here. 

For more on Air Fracture:


  1. Air Fracture is a great project!!

  2. Thanks Boyan - it is a great project. Needs more listeners. Owen is a genius! I'm biased of course. It's true though.