Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fallen Rock Zone-Alternative Show 18th July 2013

While we were away at our lovely holiday castle in Wales (see pictures of Owen below) we missed one of our favourite online radio shows, Fallen Rock Zone.


Not only that, the lovely ladies at FRZ played one of our jingles that we made for them a while back, and we missed hearing that too! Never fear: if like us you have been gadding about in the sunshine and have missed the show, you can listen again. Just click here and you will be transported into an alternative musical world which is much cooler in every sense than the train we got back from our holiday...but that's another story which involves lots of grouching, so we'll leave you to the music. You can also download it and keep it forever. Thanks as always to Sherry and Barb for playing our music. xx

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