Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rattlebag Radio Presents...Under The Electric Blanket by By Ian Thistlethwaite

On Monday night we put out a call to any DJs who might like us  to record a jingle for them. We were already recording a couple for Mitrakos Evangelos from La Cooperativa Radio in Greece (make sure you click on that link - we'll have more news re. this in future posts) so we thought we'd see if anyone else wanted one.

Suddenly, out of the twittersphere appeared a man by the name of Ian Thistlethwaite who asked for a jingle for one of his Rattlebag Radio podcasts.  Of course, we were very happy to oblige because we're nice like that.

The very next day, our jingle appeared in the 'Under The Electric Blanket' mixcloud podcast which is pasted below. Much as we'd like to claim that our jingle is the best thing on there, it isn't, as the mixcloud is full of some really interesting new electronic sounds and musicians, including a favourite of ours Cloud Waste and the Calf. 

There's a good few artists on here that we intend to check out further. It's well worth a listen...despite our jingle...

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