Sunday, 26 May 2013

Synthopia: Show 32 - Double or Nothing - 24th May 2013

HT: Our final blog of the week brings you a podcast from Australia hosted by Skerat who very kindly played two of our tracks on this week's edition of Synthopia . Skerat also admins the Synthopia group on facebook which is a place to share synth music discoveries from the year 2000 onwards.

The Synthopia radio show is broadcast on every Friday at 11am UK time, specialising in  Synthpop, Synthwave, Nu-Disco, Electronic and EDM.  For those who can't listen live the show is also available as a podcast shortly after the broadcast. You can listen to Friday's edition via the widget below. The podcast is also downloadable so you can listen again and again! This show comes highly recommended for anyone who really loves synth music in all of its forms. Thanks again Skerat!


Mr. Ed – Project-X
Tingle in the Netherlands – Astronaut Love Triangle
Tingle in the Netherlands – Why Can’t You write Something Nice for a Change
Analog Angel Eternal – Neon Mix by Airwolf One
Derby Sunshine – The Milky Way
Destination – Atmosphere
Destination – Say – Mooger’s Extended mix
Modover- The Sea of Unspoken Words
Modover – Clearly
Father Tiger – Still with Me
Father Tiger – Shell
Kevin Tye – Melt Away feat. Pete Steer
Vile Electrodes – Headlong
Vile Electrodes – The Last Time

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  1. Thanks Helên for posting Synthopia in your blog. The Tingles are a fantastic example of great synth\electronic music that I love to play and promote at every opportunity. Astronaut Love Triangle and Why Can’t You write Something Nice for a Change sounded fantastic on the show and I know the bands will love that you re-posted their links. All the best Skerat