Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Square Pig’s Electro Chart - Vote T!TN

For lovers and discoverers of all types of music, whether it be indie, acoustic, electro, 80's or folk, the new Square Pig website is well worth a visit. This is a goldmine for bands and music fans alike as it provides opportunities to promote gigs, music and venues as well as providing a platform for loads of new bands, us included. 

We've found our way onto Square Pig's Electronic New Music Chart along with our friends Factory Acts and some other new electronic artists, all of which are well worthy of your ears. More artists are due to be added to the chart in coming weeks. 

The voting element is a good bit of fun, which will hopefully give all the bands an incentive to get on board and spread the word to their fans, but the main purpose is to showcase new music. There's a chance that if you already like one of the bands on there, you'll discover something new to your taste as well. Brilliant!
We'd also like to send a big squeal of delight and a trough load of gratitude to the Square Pig website for including us; like all of the bloggers, DJs and reviewers who spend their time, usually for free, promoting new music, these guys are part of the life blood of the independent music scene that provides an alternative to the tide of  mass produced swill that we're fed by the mainstream music industry. That's enough of the extended pig metaphor, suffice to say: Thanks Square Pig!

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