Tuesday, 28 May 2013

'So no stonefaced John Foxx action here'. Make Your Own Taste

HT: A big thank you to the 'Make Your Own Taste' blog for taking the time to listen to our album and to write a very nice review, which includes lots of lovely quotes that we can use to big ourselves up. I was chatting to the blog's writer and apparently listening to our album is like being in an episode of 'Ashes to Ashes' - needless to say, we took that as a huge compliment! As mentioned 'Make Your Own Taste' also gives good quote:

"..the sounds could not be more 1982 vintage, which is pretty cool, those cold, haughty synths and disdainful female vocals, with the robotik beats so beloved of clubbers of the era." 

You can read the full write up if you go here  Scroll down a bit for the T!TN write up. We also appreciated the fact that the blogger in question didn't mind stepping a little out of their comfort zone and into our wonky synth world; 'Make Your Own Taste' is an excellent music blog for lovers of ambient, drone, acoustic and experimental music, much of it very different to the T!TN sound, but no less appealing if you enjoy a wide range of genres as we know a lot of our blog readers do. So, off you pop - there's LOADS of new music on there that is well worthy of your ever hungry ears.


  1. a wonderful write up..."disdainful female vocal" is a right good laugh..if he only knew! watching TITN continue to take over the world is very exciting AND i have a ring side seat..but i wish you would do something about the ladies lounge. i mean really.

  2. Yes, disdainful is excellent. I shall try to include a touch of 'raised eyebrow' and 'camp flounce' on the next round of vocals. Re. the ladies lounge. Bear with us; if we wait long enough that look will come back into fashion. Hope this helps. etc. xx