Friday, 24 May 2013

Echolalia Radio EP 08: Lost My Heart on the Tide - 23/05/13

Yesterday saw the first outing of T!TN on Echolalia Radio a show which features spoken word and poetry as well as any unusual musical offerings that take the host's fancy. This edition included two of our tracks as well as one of Helên's poems that we recorded before embarking on the journey that is Tingle In The Netherlands. It's a collaboration with The Ethel Ronson Experience aka Conrad McQueen who created the musical loop that was then stitched together by Owen in his studio with some added OJ vocals for good measure. Make of that what you will! If you like the track you can get it as a download on Helên's soundcloud page.

More on Echolalia Radio from their facebook page:
A Voice for Poets!. We play Poetry, Rare, Exotic and Unsigned Music, We scream about the new & fly the flag for what's gone before. We have a platform from which to preach and want you to join us. Thursday Nights 10 - 11pm
A Heady mix of of spoken word and rare music. Poets, Troubadours and Word-smiths.

Scouring the globe to bring you the best new and unsigned artist as well as dusting of the vinyl to rediscover what's gone before.

Interviews, live readings and a good dose of great music. All fed into this exotic gumbo, true food for the mind.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful library of Echolalia.

We want to hear from you! Drop us a line if you have a song or poem you want us to play. We are listening...


Presenter: Chris Nelms
Producer: Chris Nelms and Peter Stewart
Studio Engineer: Peter Stewart

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