Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Salford, so much to answer for...

If you haven't checked out our pals Factory Acts that we mentioned in the previous blog, please do. Not only are they Salford's finest alt-dance synth duo but they're lovely people as well. (We only associate with gems). It's thanks to their recommendation that we've been getting a fair bit of airplay on Salford City Radio on The Monty Show, last week and this, and also on Tony Thornborough's show this week.

Also, it is a little known fact that in the 1960's Helên's Dad (RIP) ventured out of the valleys of South Wales and headed north to the bright lights of Salford to study at Salford Tech. Had he not done so, he would not have met Helên's Mum and there would be no Helên, and so no Tingle In The Netherlands! It's beyond imagining isn't it?

Anyway, let's not ponder the horrors of what could have or not have been. You can listen to both shows via the widgets below. The Monty Show is a great one for synth fans and indie kids as you will find tracks from Inspiral Carpets; Tingle In The Netherlands; Factory Acts; The Junta and three tracks from Depeche Mode as well as many others. Tony's show has much more of classic swaggering Manc indie sound with plenty of loud guitars and some shouty vocals all of which are right up my street (HT). A new band on me is The Stalagmites whose track 'Be An A Animal' was played on both shows. I've heard some really dirgy indie bands of late and this was a refreshing change; it IS possible to do indie that harks back to some classic bands whilst bringing something new to the table. The lyrics sound interesting too - not sure what they're about but they don't seem to resemble the angst addled 'I'll catch you when you fall' Coldplay-lite narratives that are common place in so many emotionally constipated singer songwriter / indie bands of late. These Salford lads have been likened to Echo And The Bunnymen so check em aht kids!

But I digress.  You can listen to both the aforementioned radio shows via the widgets below. 


  1. yes this is all very well and good, but where's the gossip? where's the inside story of life as a Tingle? we need the highs, the lows, the angst, the turmoil, we need shock revelations and a secret love-child, and above all a humorous advert with unlikely puppets advertising Seedhill Bruiser!
    YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE, so hop to it!

  2. I thought you were our secret love child Seedhill. But you're right, we do need lots more adverts. You should give us more useful tips too seeing as your blog is like Piccadilly Circus for comments. No wonder OK magazine hasn't returned our calls.