Monday, 18 March 2013

The Saturday Breakfast Show on Phoenix 98 FM (Edited)

On Saturday we got our first bit of airplay on local radio in Essex, which was very exciting for me (HT) because my sister lives in that neck of the woods, so she was able to tune in on the old fashioned wireless as her computer is broken.

Our friend Diego from Farmacia suggested we contact Rob Harvey, Phoenix FM's Saturday Breakfast Show host, to ask if he'd like to play some of our tunes, and he said "YES!"

Rob clearly has excellent taste in music and is involved with Bas Productions a Basildon based organization that produces and promotes electronic synth pop and indie music events and pushes to introduce new exciting bands and talent on the scene. If you're a Depeche Mode / synth fan, the Bas Productions site is well worth a visit. In particular, check out the mixtapes on the site - there's some brilliant stuff on there.

So, given Rob's CV it's no surprise that we were in excellent musical company on his show, being playing alongside such greats as Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys, Tears For Fears, Ultravox, Heaven 17 and our friends Farmacia plus many more. You can listen to an edited version of the show via the mixcloud widget below. We're not famous enough to automatically appear on a mixcloud playlist yet, but you'll hear Farmacia about an hour in and we're on immediately after them. Rob very kindly likened our sound to Ladytron and mentioned that the song played reminded him of one by Lou Reed. You'll have to guess which song he's referring to, or do the sensible thing and listen to the show.