Friday, 8 March 2013

Widgets for Women's Day!

HT: I'm writing this on International Women's Day which is slightly apt because it's basically a thank you to some great women who work hard to bring new, interesting radio broadcasts to the world, and who are also regular supporters of Tingle In The Netherlands.

So first up, it's those ladies from across the pond, Sherry and Barb, who are continuing to share our album tracks with their listeners on  The Fallen Rock Zone Alternative Show.  You can catch up with yesterday's show via the widget below.

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As well as playing our tunes, this week the ladies interviewed special guest, J. Rumney who fessed up, live on air, to enjoying our music! As we always like to return a compliment, we'd recommend that you check out J. Rumney's soundcloud page where you will find LOADS of music, much of it free to download. Here's a taster which is nicely wonky, which is always a good thing:

Earlier that very same day, and much closer to home in marvellous Manchester, ALL FM's Fiona Ledgard kicked off her weekly broadcast with one of our tracks. Listen via the widget below to find out which one, and stay tuned for an interview and music from Welsh noise pop duo Otalgia. If, like me, you're an ageing indie-kid who enjoys a stompy romp of  feisty guitar with the occasional bit of anti-corporate spoken word thrown in then Otalgia should be right up your street.

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