Monday, 1 April 2013

The Best of 2013 so far eh?

A couple of DJs that we know have been taking stock of the musical year so far and have come up with their 'best of' lists, and we're on them (the lists not the DJs.)

DJ Mikey of Strangeways Radio will be playing some of his favourites from the first quarter of 2013 on his Halcyon Waves Show tonight, and as you can see from the flyer below we are in EXCELLENT company.   Thanks DJ Mikey!

For UK listeners this is one for the insomniacs and night owls as (we think) 10pm EST translates as 3am British Summer Time. (Using EST now website). We hope that readers from across the pond will be able to tune in though. However, you can catch the show again on Thursday (10am UK) so check the schedule.

Another DJ who's been reviewing the past three months of music is Dandelion Radio DJ Mark Whitby who has blogged his Top Ten albums of 2013 so far on his Unwashed Territories blog. Given how much music that Mark must listen to for his own enjoyment, and in his role as a DJ, we were very flattered to make number 7 in his chart. Mark has already given us a great review of our album and played us throughout March on his Dandelion Radio show, which you can listen to again on the mixcloud widget below. Thanks Mark!

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