Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Tingle in the Netherlands have certainly struck gold here with an album that is a real electro-pop sensation(!)"

Given that we have at least three songs that feature astronauts and / or space travellers of some sort, we were thrilled to receive some stars last week. A recent review of our album awarded us four stars and we've been twinkling with glee ever since! The review in question came from Rik Wolters, founder of The Sound Project, a website full of reviews and information about the alternative music scene. Check it out kids!

Like all of the fabulous bloggers who've featured us thus far, Rik gives good quote. Here are a couple of our favourites.

" of the album's real highlights 'The Housewife's Lament' - a song about a housewife becoming fed up with her lousy abusive husband and instead taking to "shagging the milkman".  It's another demonstration of how good Helên really is with words."  (I'm blushing. HT)

And there's praise for Owen too!

" 'Mammals' is a hilarious track penned by Owen.  The mammals in question are in fact humans, astronauts, police officers, lawyers et al.   Owen reels off witty a list, filled with dry humour, for example: "The pontiff has 300 teeth and can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour".

Thanks to Rik for taking the time to write this, and of course to all the bloggers, old and new...without whom...
You can read Rik's album review in full yourself if you click here.


  1. I would have placed my order but Bowie got in the way. I'll be making my purchase on pay day later this month. Jx