Tuesday, 6 August 2013

2 top write ups and a podcast, what more do you want?

                                             Before we begin, click play on the widget above and you will hear last Saturday's additional serving of Synthopia, which features a track from us, amongst others. Synthopia usually airs on a Friday at 11am UK time on .However, last week was unusual in that Skerat, the show's host, opted to broadcast two helpings of contemporary synth music as a treat for fans. 

You can listen to previous shows via, all of which are available to download for free, and many of which include tracks by us as well as the current crop of new synth bands. If this sort of thing floats your boat, and you'd like to hear more, you can join the Synthopia facebook group for details of upcoming shows, and many posts from the artists that Skerat plays, including us. 

Now that the soundtrack has kicked in, read on as we have a couple of things to tell you about.  

 First of all, we have news of a review of our album from the Never Loved a Shovel Blog. which gave very good quote: "The synth sound is at times epic, like the soundtrack to the next John Carpenter movie, a deeply black murder comedy obviously."

Of course, we've harvested the review for's another one: 

 "It's really hard to do justice to this album in mere words so the best advice I can give is go out and buy it, it's a fucking great album!"
However, you should support the bloggers who support the artists and go and read in full. You could even leave a comment; bloggers like that sort of thing...

And finally, on to the Synth Caresses blog, which has already featured Owen's early ambient music. This week, it was our turn, and we had a lot of fun with this write up. The blog's author, having noticed that we'd already been asked most of the 'usual' questions, decided on a different tack and included a 'Patient Information Leaflet' which you HAVE to read. It's very funny. Prior to the medical advice you will find that this blogger also gives good quote:

"Up to a certain extent, T!TN tries to retrieve the sounds of early synth-pop, avoiding sounding too sophisticated. In their music, you will find catchy melodies, a definite punk non-conformism, tongue-in-cheek humour, underground freshness, and vintage electronic effects, all to the glory of the people who lived the prime of electro-pop back in the early eighties and also to the glory of the new generations who are rediscovering it through the classics or through new acts such as Marsheaux, Ladytron and such likes."

But DO make sure you visit the blog, and read the advice re. dosage and medical conditions; we wouldn't want to clash with your meds. As we've mentioned here before, we can't be held responsible for any injuries incurred whilst listening to our music...AND watch out for sharps... 


  1. Next stop: WORLD DOMINATION!

    Your friend,
    Mike Marble

  2. Up to three people have been hospitalised so far because they mixed Robbie Williams and Tingle In The Netherlands in the same listening dose. Some guys never learn, do they!

  3. Hospitalisation was too good for them though really. I mean - what were they thinking? Robbie Williams! I can't be held responsible for my actions when travesties such as that occur.