Thursday, 15 August 2013

Air Fracture: current mixclouds plus interview and review of Air Fracture 4

Gratitude today goes to the SYNTH CARESSES BLOG for featuring an interview with Owen re. his Air Fracture project as well as a review of his most recent solo album 'Air Fracture 4'

"I find all your AF albums perfect as a soundtrack to any Gothic novel or poem. Edgar Allan Poe music." Synth Caresses Blogspot

We've appeared on the blog earlier this month and this is the second write up for Owen as his Early Works were also featured not so long ago. As we've said before, this blog is well worth exploring, and then book marking, if you are a fan of synth music, especially ambient* artists. Talking of which, ambient* fans might enjoy the mixcloud below: a lovely, calming ambient* mixcloud from Paul Randall of Bluetown Electronica which includes one of Owen's Air Fracture tracks from the 'Air Fracture 4' album mentioned above. 

feel free to suggest alternative descriptions in the comments...


  1. Thanks for the nice words about the synth-caresses blog. I'm so glad to have met such a talented couple.
    Also, I think it's time for someone to call the ghostbusters and chase the Owen ghost away from that castle.

  2. You're very welcome Jose - thank you again. xx