Monday, 12 August 2013

Want to know what all the hep cats are listening to? PLUS FREE STUFF!

It's the latest podcast from Barbara Laurson which perhaps not surpisingly does include a smidgen of T!TN. Listen out too for one of our favourite bands Modern Witch. There's also a track from Calling All Astronauts which is available from their bandcamp as a free download. And of course, the T!TN remix that's included, can also be grabbed for free from our bandcamp page. Enjoy! And thanks Babsy!

Here's the intro to the show from Barb herself followed by the mixcloud widget below.

"This episode of The Sun And The Rainfall is a collection of Alternative Indie artists ranging from Alternative rock to synth and electro pop and new wave. Featured bands: Agent Ribbons, Calling All Astronauts, The Open Feel, Splintered In Her Head, Space Flakes, ElectroVampires, Modern Witch, Warm Ghost, This Gentle Horror, Dawnfine, Divine Knights, No Carrier, Tingle In The Netherlands.

Please support indie music. If you like what you hear, check them out! Show the love <3"

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