Thursday, 11 April 2013

We're very interesting people you know.

Obviously our fans will have an insatiable appetite for the minutiae of our daily lives. Here are a few links to interviews we've done thus far which might be of interest to any stalker fans / unauthorised biographers.

(Picture of HT breaking into Owen's flat after stalking him online for 3 months)

 First up, it's the very stylish magazine 'Bedsheets' from Bangkok which interviewed us about 100 years ago. There's a lovely picture of Boy George on the front too. Click through to page 35.

More recently we were interviewed by our lovely peachy and zesty pals at Fallen Rock Zone. This involved us phoning into their show and speaking across the Atlantic. Not surprisingly, this was a very exciting and new experience for us especially seeing as Nerve Echo record label refuse to send us on a media training course. You can listen again via the wonderful widget.

Listen to internet radio with Fallen Rock Zone on Blog Talk Radio

Once you've listened to that (because there will be a test) you can read up some more at Goth Page where you will find a Q & A about all things Tingle if you scroll down a bit.
In a similar vein is our recent interview on the Anthology Music Blog

However, if reading isn't your thing, you can listen again to our appearance on ALL FM's Anything Goes Breakfast show with Fiona Ledgard.


  1. I sincerely hope you don't still have hold of that knife. Jx

  2. Don't worry Jon, I'm only allowed green crayons these days.

  3. green crayons of doom though, so you're not completely harmless