Saturday, 5 January 2013

We are now also on tumblr...

You lucky people! We have set up a tumblr account which we have been using to share pictures, music etc. and have also had some fun re-blogging some quirky stuff that has taken our fancy. We'll still be using blogger for longer, wordy blogs, such as this one. Jon, are you on tumblr? I think you'd like it; there's lots of sharing of beautiful pictures and, like the myspace days of old, ANIMATED GIFS! Not recommended to those of a nervous disposition or anyone who has fits. Here's the link. (HT)


  1. Tumblr is a world I like to lose myself in occasionally, but I have not (yet) set one up for myself - running TWO blogs is exhausting enough at the mo... Jx

  2. I know what you mean - we deserve a holiday! Happy New Year btw Jon. xx