Saturday, 5 January 2013

Peachy and Zesty...

Fallen Rock Zone hosts Sherry and Barb blasted back onto the wonder-web of sound with their first FRZ Alternative Show of 2013. You can listen to the show via the widget below. If you've got the new year blues the show is well worth a listen for those who like discovering new music, and the hosts' enthusiasm and humour is infectious; we're not sure what the FRZ ladies had for Christmas but we think it's still in their system and they should probably drink some more water... ; ) 

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Listen out for lots of euphemistic mentions of Tingle In The Netherlands (thanks ladies - we'll take whatever we can get) plus you will also hear the Owen J. re-mix of a track 'Todo Está Bien' by our friends, Argentinian synth band Farmacia.

We've been fans of Farmacia since we first got chatting to them on myspace way back when and were flattered to be included in their online photo album which depicts them with some of their favourite CDs. 

Of course, we HAD to return the compliment by posing with our copies of their album 'Nada De Nada'.
Isn't the internet GREAT?! We think so.  



  1. I love the "Todo Está Bien" remix! Don't you look so cool in your shades..? (Why do you have tweezers in your hand?) Jx

  2. It's because I'm a cheeky plucker. Actually, it's the headphone plug thingy. xx