Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Women Rock!

Thanks again to Sherry and Barb at Fallen Rock Zone for continuing to play our tracks. We were especially chuffed to be included on their 'Women Rock!' show on 12th December, which was a celebration of female musicians and female fronted bands featuring interviews and music from a range of genres, from rock to our own brand of wonky cheeky synth.

Given that the music industry has always been notoriously sexist it's refreshing to hear a female hosted show championing women who create interesting music, as opposed to merely being the eye candy while the male svengali pulls all the strings. Actually, that's exactly how we do things at Tingle Towers but keep it under your not really. Click here to listen to the 'Women Rock!' show.

Aside from listening out for our own tracks on Fallen Rock Zone, we've enjoyed listening to other bands that  the ladies have been playing. It's not all about us you know! A new one on us that we like is female fronted Myamoto who list their current location as 'Manchester and New York' so can't be bad. There's a taster below. 

Also, if you missed last week's Alternative Show you can listen again via the widget. 

As ever, we were thrilled and most grateful to be included in the show and enjoyed listening. We especially liked this one, another new one on us. I think I like this especially because the vocals remind me a bit of Mike Flowers though that's probably not the intention...(HT). 


  1. As a gay man I've always been averse to people who are "female fronted", or is that not what you meant? Jx

  2. Erm...I'll see if I can get Ste McCabe to explain...he's done counselling and stuff...

  3. Ah, the lovely Mr McCabe can show me his frontage any time... Jx