Friday, 7 December 2012

Helên Tingle does a jingle. (That's a rhyme). Fallen Rock Zone-Alternative Show by Fallen Rock Zone in Music Thu, December 6, 2012

Here's the latest edition of The Fallen Rock Zone Alternative Show. You may recall that when we were on last week, host Sherry suggested 'I Like The way You Butter My Bread' as a song title. We love a challenge, as long as it doesn't involve climbing stuff and getting puffed out, AND we'd also promised them some more show ident / jingle type things so HT came up with her first ever jingle which you can hear about 6 minutes in, how exciting! It's just a small thank you for all the airplay that Sherry and Barb have given us.

You can listen to the whole show via the widget below or download to listen at your leisure as usual. As well as loads of top tunes, they have an interview with Father Tiger AND  we noticed that the ladies have acquired a gong which we think adds a certain amount of gravitas to the show, and rightly so!

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  1. I'll get round to listening eventually. I'm sure it's nothing like the Desmond Carrington show. Jx