Saturday, 3 December 2011

More Fun and Surprises in the Blogosphere...

Disclaimer: If you're under the age of 18; easily shocked; are a puritanical, religious pain in the arse (Ann Widdecombe) it is suggested that you leave this blog NOW.

Thanks to google alerts and the occasional 'self google' - it feels so wrong but sometimes it's SO right - we have discovered a recent rash of blog appearances. We're not sure what's caused this sudden spike in our blogoshere presence, but we're extremely flattered as we always get a tingly thrill when we find that we've been written about nicely in a blog. Oh, the fragile ego of the artiste...

We copped an eye full (though thankfully not literally) when we stumbled across this latest blog which is for indie bears and we were very pleased to see that 'The Housewife's Lament' was featured. Unfortunately, there was no way to say thanks in the comments, so if the blogger concerned is reading, thanks for the mention - it's very much appreciated.

We also clicked on the blog's title and archive and found a lovely array of manliness that may appeal to any bear appreciators and voyeuristic heterosexual women out there (sorry about that...Mrs. Tingle)

Anyroad up, Mrs Tingle also saw fit to share the link with one or two facebook friends that she thought might appreciate the photos on offer and has now learned what NSFW means. Apologies to all concerned... but anyway, see if you can spot us in the November archive...(scroll down, no, further, go on.)

Here's our track 'A Forest of Cocks'. xx

A Forest Of Cocks by Tingle In The Netherlands


  1. A forest of cocks, indeed.

    And a vast consumption of pies...


  2. Jon! We're partial to the odd pie ourselves so couldn't possibly comment...oh, I just did...xx

  3. I think that must be what's wrong with my heart, it's full of urine. oh well. great beat, fun party song after I'm very very fucked up and I've killed everyone else.

  4. Please don't ever invite me to one of your 'parties'!