Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Another nice write from the blogoshere...

Hopefully word is spreading....hello world...we are here...Check out number 7 on this start the week chart....

'Prostitute's Handbag' seems to be having a renaissance in the wonderweb....I do hope people will listen to our other tunes as you know the drill.


  1. Below Dusty but above Little Boots - not a bad position to be in... Jx

  2. It would have been rude to be above Dusty. I always get Little Boots mixed up with Pixie Lott which reminds me of some showbiz gossip. My brother in law was in the Dr's surgery and was sat next to Pixie Lott! My brother inlaw is obviously much more on trend than I am.

  3. Apparently, PixieGene is a private limited company commercializing novel genetic porcine models of human diseases.

    Just thinking...


  4. 'novel genetic porcine models of human diseases' - that reads like one of our lyrics!