Sunday, 18 December 2011

Free Re-mix EP by Ste McCabe with re-mixes by Owen J!

Why not liven up your festive frolics with this free download from Ste McCabe which features two tracks remixed by Tingle In The Netherlands synth genius Owen J (yes, it's the woman one writing here and of course I'm biased - HT)

If listening to the pope's Christmas message makes your blood boil then why not listen to this instead.

Afterwhich, you could have a public debate...

You can download the entire EP from

Or via the widget below. Enjoy!

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  1. Ah, the delicious Ste McCabe and his mass-debatable backside! Love him. I have duly downloaded the EP featuring the fantabulosa remixes by Owen (aka the Vince Clarke of Chorlton on Medlock), and it will indeed be on my playlist this festering season! Jx