Saturday, 9 November 2013

We're on Dandelion Radio throughout November.

We'll be getting some airplay on the excellent show from Mark Whitby, broadcast throughout November (see schedule at Also you can vote for your three favourite artists who have been played this year on Dandelion Radio in the Festive 50.

Here's Mark's blurge on this month's show which you will see also features our new favourite band CRAWANDER : 

"A fantastic mix from Indidginus is the centrepiece for a November show that's also crammed to the brim with great Autumn releases from the likes of L.B. Dub Corp, Buzzard Lope, Moin and Melt Banana, plus a small taste of winter with the forthcoming December single from the Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band.
For those who are wondering where my forays into the Hungarian punk scene have gone to in recent months, I return with tracks from Genetika and Garga Pitic, stay in Eastern Europe for another masterpiece from Croatia's CRAWANDER, venture north to Denmark for something from Agnes Obel and on to Sweden with The Movements. From further east, we have more from Anata Wa Sukari Tsukarete Shimai and a little something from the extraordinary Nnevteiga.
And there's plenty more besides, including new releases from show favourites like Origami Horses, Tingle In The Netherlands and Lee Negin. And, in the month in which voting for this year's Festive Fifty takes place here at Dandelion, we Peel Back thirty years for three highlights from the excellent festive fifty of 1983."

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