Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ralph's Life Charity Music CD

Regular readers (hiya Jon!) may recall previous mentions of a naughty little scamp called Ralph, the Jack Russell terrier who writes a regular music blog featuring indie and unsigned bands such as us.

Well, despite being small, Ralph's ambitions are big, and just recently he decided that he wanted to do something to help The Fineline Project a creative arts initiative that supports fundraising and awareness for mental health charities, with a particular focus on utilising the talents of artists, musicians and creative folk. Read more here.

So, given that Ralph is a music blogger who curates a weekly show for RadioKC (Sundays from 5pm GMT) he decided that he wanted to produce a double CD featuring 40 tracks donated by some of the bands featured on his blog, and guess what? We're one of them!


The plan now is to raise funds to produce and distribute the CD. You can pledge as little as £1, but if you visit the crowdfunder page, you will see that £12 bags you a CD, a pin badge AND a digital photo of cutie Ralph. Pledge £50 or £70 and Ralph will lavish you with even more goodies including a meal for two at The Dogs Restaurant in Edinburgh or the Jonny Marsh Restaurant in Manchester respectively. But be quick as it's first come first served on these one pledge only offers. Visit the crowdfunder page for full details.

We're also offering downloads of our album at a 25% discount using the discount code 'ralph' when you buy from our Bandcamp Page. That means that you can get all ten tracks for £3 and we'll donate the profit (£2.40) to Ralph's fund. OR if you already have our album, why not donate direct?
The discount code is valid until Christmas Day 2013 so tell yer friends!

For details of the artists involved in this project, see Ralph's blog for the full tracklist which includes a track donated by none other than Tom Robinson.

You can also hear the tracks featured via the Fineline Project's soundcloud page.

The proceeds from the project will ultimately be donated to Rethink Mental Illness a charity that raises awareness and supports people with mental health issues as well as campaigning on their behalf. Find out more here. Given the trying times that we live in and the erosion of support from government agencies, we think that the work Rethink does to help people is well worthy of our support.


  1. You just know that Ralph will forget about you and all the other bands when he finds fame and fortune in Hollywood. They always do.... Jx

  2. Yes, but we're suckers for a pretty face and four tappety tap little mammalian feet. Wait until the next blog post though, it's all about an eel that's persuaded us to do a double bungee jump dressed as scary clowns.

  3. We're suckers for a snaky face and a slithery other worldly demeanour....etc.