Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cynical? Do they mean us?

We're very excited here at Tingle Towers as we are gearing up for the official launch date of our new album, 'Why Can't You Write Something Nice For A Change?' (14th February 2013)

We'll be starting the day with an appearance on ALL FM. How exciting! Yes, we've been asked along for a chat with Fiona Ledgard on her Anything Goes Breakfast Show.
We'll also be bringing along some tunes that we like and sharing some tracks from the album.

But that's all happening NEXT week. Fiona has already started championing our debut release and gave us a massive 'big-up' in today's show. Not only were we described as 'satirical sweethearts', 'intelligent' and 'cynical' to boot but Fiona takes the prize for the very first ever radio play of the title track from the album. YAY! Thanks Fiona. xx

You can listen again to the show via the widget below. There's a great interview with musical cabaret duo Bourgeois and Maurice  who we've seen previously at Manchester's Contact Theatre and we would certainly recommend them.