Friday 5 March 2021

The Seventh Wave 050321 Electronica Radio Show

 Not sure if this is more your cup of tea Jon - it's more minimal synth / EBM / coldwavey than indie. Kraftwerk are on too!

Analogue Electronic Whatever Hole (Synthetic Dub Single Mix)
Tingle In The Netherlands Everything's Gone To Shit
Antipole ft Paris Alexander Marble
Sébastien Guérive Bellatrix
Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express
Berlin Blondes Mannequin
Iguana Moonlight A
Phonsonic West Bank
Wrangler Stupid
Vlimmer Vorfreude
DMX Krew Unconnected
Pascalé Séppé Release All My Rage
Controlled Weirdness Drifting Through The Streets
OTON Weligama
My Nu Leng 1 More Tune
Dravier Coral

Tuesday 2 March 2021

We're on Dandelion Radio throughout March.

 Mark Whitby will be playing our track 'Everything's Gone To Shit' on his show on Dandelion Radio.

Visit the website to checkout the schedule. If you can't be bothered listening to all that indie music 

the track is still free to download on our bandcamp.

Update: Listen via the mixcloud widget.

Thursday 18 February 2021

The Joint Radio Show 13th February 2021

Jon, we're on with Grace Jones on this one. In other news, I'm learning to speak Welsh on duolingo. HT